Tropical Soybean Virtual Seminar: Soybean Development in Brazil

The Soybean Innovation Lab Seminar Series presents Dr. Peter Richards, discussing “Soybean Development: The impact of a decade of agricultural change on urban and economic growth in Mato Grosso, Brazil”.
Dr. Peter Richards is an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in Interdisciplinary Research in Behavioral and Social Sciences at the Institute for the Study of the Environment and Society at Brown University.
Dr. Richard's Research Abstract:
In this research we consider the impact of export-driven, soybean agriculture in Mato Grosso on regional economic growth. Here we argue that the soybean sector has served as a motor to the state’s economy by increasing the demand for services, housing, and goods, and by providing a source of investment capital to the nonagricultural sector. Specifically, we show that each square kilometer of soybean production supports 2.5 formal sector jobs outside of agriculture, and the equivalent of approximately 150,000US in annual, non-agricultural GDP.

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