Phil Corzine Webinar Series 2: Soil Testing and Treatment

Phil Corzine is a tropical soybean farmer with operations in both Illinois and Brazil.  In this tropical soybean production webinar series Phil provides insights into fertility assessment including:

  • Soil testing​
    • Why test soil?
    • How critical is this to a tropical soybean operation?
    • How often shold you test soil? Every year? Every field?
    • What types of soil does Phil have on his farms?
    • What are the key tests performed by Phil?
    • What is the process of collecting soil (especially with hard soils)?
    • How many samples should be pulled?
    • What changes the most from year to year in the soil?
    • Are soil tests expensive?
    • Can local labs do a good job?
  • ​pH Correction ​
    • What was the soil pH when he took over his farm?
    • What had been cropped before on his farm and how did that contribute to the pH?
    • What is his target pH?
    • What are the advantages of high pH with soybean?
    • What about nutrient availability, reduction in AL toxicity, less insect pressure, i.e. nematodes?
    • What did he use to correct the pH?
    • Is lime more expensive in Brazil than in Illinois?  Is it harder to obtain?
    • What is the timing of application?
    • What is the method, depth and quantity of incorporation?
  • ​Fertility corrections ​
    • What was the fertility level of the soil on his farm when he took it over?
    • What was the soil organic matter (N, P, K)?
    • What had been cropped before on his farm and how did that contribute to the fertility?
    • What has been his cropping pattern? Soybean only? 
    • What has been his fertilizer program?
    • Is fertilizer more expensive in Brazil than in Illinois?  Is it harder to obtain?
    • How does he apply fertilizer?  

Tropical soybean production webinar series educate researchers, private sector firms, non-governmental organizations, extensionists, agronomists, economists, and technicians tasked with tropical soybean development.  Webinar series provide expertise in tropical soybean production and how lessons learned can be transferred and applied to production efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

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