Tropical Soybean University

Expert pod interviews consist of short interviews with tropical soybean experts. Each interview has three components, just like the three pods of a soybean! Three questions, three photos and three resources.

The Soybean Innovation Lab hosts both in-person and virtual workshops and seminars.  See video from the workshops and seminars and access the presentations here!


Industry webinars educate researchers, private sector firms, non-governmental organizations, extensionists, agronomists, economists, and technicians tasked with tropical soybean development.  Webinar series provide expertise and critical private sector in tropical soybean production and development.  Industry webinars provide expertise and guidance to aid practitioners in developing soybean in the tropics.  


Tropical soybean extension videos are a resource for practitioners and extension agents working directly with smallholder soybean producers in the tropics.  

SIL tropical soybean researchers were interviewed by the USAID Knowledge-Driven Agricultural Devleopment (KDAD) team to explain the critical challenges to tropical soybean development their respective research is addressing.


Watch Dr. Peter Goldsmith, Soybean Innovation Lab Principal Investigator, deliver an expert lecture on "The Economics of Loss" provided as part of the ADM Institute for Postharvest Loss Coursera Course on "Global Postharvest Loss Prevention: Fundamentals, Technologies and Actors".

Soybean Innovation Lab researchers have developed extension guides focused on soybean planting, harvesting and utilization for use by smallholder farmers in the tropics.  Clik here to access and utilize these resources.