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Evaluation Of Soybean Cultivars For Field Resistance To Frogeye Leaf Spot And Bacterial Pustule In Nigeria Akem, C., et al. 1992 IITA production, disease Yes
Evaluation Of Soybean Cultivars For Susceptibility To Pyrenochaeta Leaf Blotch Akem, C., et al. 1991 IITA production, pests Yes
Evaluation Of Soybean Genotypes For Field Resistance To Stink Bugs In Nigeria Jackai, et al. 1988 Crop Protection Vol. 7 February 1988, 48-54 Soybean; Glycine max; stink bugs; insect pest complex; field resistance; Nigeria Yes
Evaluation Of Soybean Germplasm For Resistance To Soybean Rust (Phakopsora Pachyrhizi) In Nigeria Twizeyimana, et al. 2008 Plant Disease Vol. 92 No. 6, pp.947-952 inoculation, africa, bradyrhizodium Yes
Ex-Post Impact Of Agra Soil Health Project 005 In Northern Ghana Martey, et al. 2013 CSIR-SARI, Tamale, Ghana seed systems, ghana, soil, AGRA, household, adoption No
Exchangeable cations and available phosphorus in soils with variable charge after application of special liming materials Jessica Alves dos Santos, Adriel Ferreira da Fonseca, Domenico Zocco and Igor Vieira 2016 African Journal of Agricultural Research acid soils, liming, Phosphorus, africa, acidic soils
Exploiting Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation For Increasing Soybean Yields In Africa Singh, A., et al. 2001 IITA yield No
Factors Influencing Farmer's Participation in Agricultural Projects: The case of the Agricultural Value Chain Mentorship Project in the Northern Region of Ghana Etwire, et al. 2013 Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development, Vol.4, No.10, 2013 AVCMP; Chereponi; Farmer-Based Organization; Participation; Probit; Saboba Yes
Factors Responsible For Variable Growth Of Soybeans In The Nigerian Guinea Savanna Smith, J., et al. 1993 IITA harvest Yes
Farmers' Guide To Soybean Production In Northern Nigeria Dugje, et al. 2009 International Institute of Tropical Agriculture 2009 production, disease, nigeria, iita Yes
Farmers’ Guide To Soybean Production In Northern Nigeria Israel, et al. 1987 Plant Physiology nitrogen fixation, production Yes
Final Project Report: October 2009 – September 2014 Boahen, S. K. 2014 final report, iita, mozambique, breeding No
First Report Of Rust Caused By Phakopsora Pachyrhizi On Soybean In Democratic Republic Of Congo Mgbechi-Ezeri, J., et al. 2007 IITA production, disease No
First Report Of Southern Blight Caused By Sclerotium Rolfsii On Soybeans In Nigeria Akem, C. N.; Dashiell, K. E. 1991 Plant Disease 1991 production, disease, nigeria, iita No
First Report Of Soybean Rust Caused By Phakopsora Pachyrhizi In Ghana Ojiambo, P., et al. 2007 IITA production, disease Yes
First Report Of Soybean Witches'-Broom Disease Caused By Group 16Srii Phytoplasma In Soybean In Malawi And Mozambique Kumar, et al. 2011 Plant Disease April 2011, Volume 95, Number 4 tanzania, malawi, disease, pathology Yes
First Report Of The Occurrence Of African Cassava Mosaic Virus In A Mosaic Disease Of Soybean In Nigeria Mgbechi-Ezeri, et al. 2008 Plant Disease, December 2008, Volume 92, Number 12, pp. 1709 production, breeding, disease, nigeria, pathology Yes
Food For Thought: Lower-Than-Expected Crop Yield Stimulation With Rising Co2 Concentrations Long, et al. 2006 Science 312, Vol. 312 30 June 2006, pp.1918-1921 water, supply, co2, simulation, temperature Yes
Forecasting Agriculturally Driven Global Environmental Change Tilman, et al. 2001 Science 292, 281 (2001) pp.281-284 environment, Climate change, water supply, sanitation Yes
Four Seasons Of Learning And Engaging Smallholder Farmers Abate, T. 2012 ICRISAT production, smallholder, release, seed system No