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Titlesort descending Author(s) Publication Year Source Keywords Peer Review
Effects of manure and soil texture on soybean plants Mahmoodabadi, M.R. et al. 2014 Acta Advances in Agricultural Sciences 2 (2014), 01: 01-06 Cattle Feedlot Manure, Growth, Soil Texture, soybean Yes
Effects Of Planting Date On Yield Related Traits Of Some Soybean Genotypes In Sennar State Of The Sudan Zhang, L., et al. 2011 IITA harvest Yes
Effects Of Spring Post-Planting Flooding On Early Soybean Production In Mississippi Gyogluu, C., et al. 2011 IITA harvest Yes
Effects of the fungicides benomyl, captan and chlorothalonil on soil microbial activity and nitrogen dynamics in laboratory incubations Chen, et al. 2011 Soil biology & biochemistry. Nov 2001. v. 33 (14) soil, agronomy Yes
Effects Of Tillage Method On Growth And Yield Of Cowpea And Soybean Agbede, T., et al. 2009 IITA production, disease No
Effects Of Water Table Depth And Calcium Perxide Application On Cowlpea And Soybean Ogunremi, L. T.; et al. 1981 Plant and Soil 63, 275-281 (1981) Calcium peroxide, cowpea, soybean, Water table depth Yes
Elusive Empowerment: Price Information and Disintermediation in Soybean Markets in Malwa, India Richa Kumar 2014 Development and Change 45(6): 1332–1360 india, market, price, disintermediation Yes
Emas Household Water Supply Technologies In Bolivia MacKenzie, et al. 1997 Canadian Journal of Science crop rotations, and n fertilization rates. Yes
Empirical Review of Production, Productivity and Marketability of Soya Bean in Ethiopia Bekabil, U.T. 2015 International Journal of u- and e- Service, Science and Technology Vol.8, No.1 (2015), pp.61-66 production, Productivity, Marketability, soybean, ethiopia Yes
Enhancing Soybean Productivity And Production In Drought-Prone Areas Agrama, et al. 2005 IITA genetics, germplasm No
Entomological Research On Soybeans In Africa Jackai, L.E.N.; Singh, S.R. 1987 African Crop Science Journal production, breeding, research Yes
Evaluating Plant Growth And Nitrogen Fixation In Four Promiscuous And Three Non-Promiscuous Soybean Genotypes Planted In Mozambique Tefera, H., et al. 2010 IITA varieties Yes
Evaluation Of Cowpeas, Soybeans, And Herbaceous Legumes For Seedborne Viruses Kormawa, P., et al. 2001 IITA production No
Evaluation Of Critical Shattering Time Of Early-Maturity Soybeans Under Early Soybean Production System Zhang, L., Boahen, S. 2010 Agriculture and Biology Journal Of North America 2010, 1(4): 440-447 Soyabean, shattering time, early maturity Yes
Evaluation Of Maize Yield In An On-Farm Maize-Soybean And Maize-Lablab Crop Rotation Systems In The Northern Guinea Savanna Of Nigeria Okogun, et al. 2007 Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 10 (21): 3905-3909, 2007 biological nitrogen fixation, fertilizer, Maize, norther guenea savana, nigeria, Rotation Yes
Evaluation Of Maize-Soybean Flour Blends For Sour Maize Bread Production In Nigeria Edema, et al. 2005 African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 4 (9), pp. 911-918, September 2005 Flour blend, functional properties, maize meal, sour maize bread, soybean flour Yes
Evaluation Of Market Opportunities For Soybean In Tanzania Catholic Relief Services 2012 Catholic Relief Services (2012), USDA FAS Soya ni Pesa Project soybean industry, tanzania, market No
Evaluation Of Microbial Inoculants As Biofertilizers For The Improvement Of Growth And Yield Of Soybean And Maize Crops In Savanna Soils Laditi, et al. 2012 African Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 7(3), pp. 405-413, 19 January, 2012 Biocontrol, cereals and legumes, inoculum, plant growth promoting rhizobacteria, Soil microorganisms Yes
Evaluation Of New Soybean Varieties For Market Traits And Adaptation In Uganda Asiimwe, M. 2008 School of Agricultural Sciences, Makerere University, Kampala marketing, varieties, uganda No
Evaluation Of Promiscuous Soybean Genotypes At Chitedze, Malawi Kueneman, E., et al. 1983 IITA varieties Yes