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Economic Analysis Of Soybean Farming In Northern Nigeria Ajayi, V. A., et al. 1993 IITA yield Yes
Economic Assessment of Rural Women Participation in Processing and Marketing of Soybean in Tarka LGA of Benue State Nigeria Jacqueline A.C. Ezihe et al. 2014 Current Agriculture Research Journal Vol. 2(1), 43-50 (2014) Yes
Economic Evaluation Of Adoption Of Improved Soybean Production And Utilization Technologies In Kaduna And Kano States Nigeria Bandyopadhyay, R., et al. 2006 IITA production, disease Yes
Economics of Soybean Production: Evidence from Saboba and Chereponi Districts of Northern Region of Ghana Wilson Dogbe, Prince M. Etwire, Edward Martey, John C. Etwire, Inusah I. Y. Baba, Aliyu Siise 2013 Journal of Agricultural Science; Vol. 5, No. 12; 2013 Chereponi, Kendall’s, profitability analysis, production constraints, Saboba, soybean economics Yes
Edamame - The vegetable soybean Konovsky, J., et al. 1994 Edamame: the vegetable soybean. Pages 173-81 In A.D soybean, Japan Yes
Effect Of Crop Sequences On Soil Properties And Runoff On Natural-Rainfall Erosion Plots Under No Tillage Sasal, et al. 2010 Soil & Tillage Research 108 (2010) 24–29 runoff, No-till, Crop sequences, Soil properties, Natural-rainfall erosion plots Yes
Effect Of Inoculant Formulations On N2 Fixation In Field-Grown Soybean Genotypes At Mozambique Kumar, P. L., et al. 2011 IITA production, disease Yes
Effect Of Inoculation And Nitrogen Fertilizer On Soybean In Western Nigeria Kang, B. T. 1975 Experimental Agriculture, Vol 11, Issue 01 (1975) pp.23-31 nitrogen fertilizer, inoculants, yield, N fertilizer Yes
Effect of integrated use of farmyard manure and chemical fertilizers on soil physical properties and productivity of soybean Bandyopadhyay et al. 2010 Soil & Tillage Research 110 (2010) 115–125 india, manure, chemical fertilizer, soil physical properties, Productivity Yes
Effect of P fertilizer application on N balance of soybean crop in the guinea savanna of Nigeria Ogoke, et al. 2003 Ecosystems and Environment 100 (2003) 153–159 Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.); Cropping system; N balance; Crop residue Yes
Effect of phosphorus application and soybean cultivar on grain and dry matter yield of subsequent maize in the tropical savannas of north-eastern Nigeria Kamara, et al. 2008 African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 7 (15), pp. 2593-2599, 4 August, 2008 Maize, Phosphorus, soybean, Rotation Yes
Effect Of Planting Date On Severity Of Frogeye Leaf Spot And Grain Yield Of Soybeans Akem, C. N.; Dashiell, K. E. 1994 Crop Protection (1994) Vol 13, No. 8 planting date; Glycine max; Cercospora sojina Yes
Effect Of Rhizobium Inoculation On Field- Grown Soybeans In Western Nigeria And Assessment Of Inoculum Persistence During A Two-Year Fallow Shurtleff, W., et al. 1979 IITA harvest No
Effect Of Soy Flour Addition And Heat-Processing Method On Nutritional Quality And Consumer Acceptability Of Cassava Complementary Porridges Muoki, et al. 2011 Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture (2012) 92: 1771–1779 amylose-lipid complexes; available lysine; protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS); starch digestion kinetics; X-ray diffraction Yes
Effect Of Soybean On Subsequent Maize Grain Yield In The Guinea Savanna Zone Of West Africa Laditi, M. A., et al. 2012 IITA yield Yes
Effect of tillage on biological nitrogen fixation and yield of soybean (Glycine max L. Merril) varieties Omondi et al. 2014 Australian journal of crop science soybean; tillage; no till; biomass; N2-fixatio Yes
Effectiveness Of Rhizobia Nodulating Recent Promiscuous Soyabean Selections In The Moist Savanna Of Nigeria Sanginga, N. et al. 2000 Soil Biology & Biochemistry 32 (2000) 127-133 Bradyrhizobia japonicum; Bradyrhizobia sp.; Breeding lines; Inoculation; Low N soils; Moist savanna; Nitrogen fixation; Nodulation; Promiscuous soybean; Symbiotic e€ectiveness Yes
Effects Of Commercial Microbial Inoculants And Foliar Fertilizers On Soybean Nodulation And Yield In Northern Guinea Savannah Of Nigeria N'Cho, et al. 2013 International Journal of Agronomy and Agricultural Research 1 (2013) 66-73 Soil microorganisms, Foliar feeding, Grain legume, Soil productivity Yes
Effects Of Fertilizer Use On Cowpea And Soybean Nodulation And Nitrogen Fixation In The Lowland Tropics In Ayanaba And Dart Wien, H. C., et al. 1975 IITA production No
Effects Of Glyphosate On Calonectria Crotalariae And Red Crown Rot Of Soybean Berner, et al. 1991 Plant Disease 75 No.08, 809 disase, cylindrocladium black rot, peanut Yes