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Titlesort descending Author(s) Publication Year Source Keywords Peer Review
CSIR-SARI Ghana 2016 first technical SIL report N. Denwar 2016 ghana, breeding, technical report No
Demand Elasticities for Soybean Meal in the European Community Knipscheer, et al. 1982 American Journal of Agricultural Economics (1982) pp.249-253 demand, price elasticity, europe, agricultural policy Yes
Dependency Of Promiscuous Soybean And Herbaceous Legumes On Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi And Their Response To Bradyrhizobial Inoculation In Low P Soils Nwoko, H.; Sangingab, N. 1999 Applied Soil Ecology 13 (1999) 251-258 Bradyrhizobium sp.; Derived savanna; Lablab purpureus; Mucuna pruriens; Mycorrhizal colonization; Soybean breeding lines Yes
Detached Shoot Technique To Evaluate The Reaction Of Soybean Cultivars To Sclerotium Rolfsii Akem, C. N.; Dashiell, K. E. 1991 Crop Protection Vol. 10 August 1991 Southern blight; resistance; screening technique; Sclerotium rolfsii; Glycine max Yes
Determinants of Agricultural Technology Adoption in Mozambique Uaiene, R. N. 2009 International Food Policy Research Institute technology adoption, agriculture, panel data, mozambique No
Determinants Of Rural Farmers' Improved Soybean Adoption Decisions In Northern Nigeria Ojiako, et al. 2007 Journal of Food Agriculture and Environment 5, No. 2, (2007): 215-223 soybeans, improved varieties, adoption decisions, use intensity, household listing, random sampling, Tobit, logit, adoption characteristics, elasticities, nigeria Yes
Determinants of soybean market participation by smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe Zamasiya, et al. 2014 Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics. Volume 6 (2), pp: 49 – 58 Zimbabwe, market, participation, smallholder Yes
Determinants Of Wealth And Socioeconomic Status Of Rurals Households: An Application Of Multinomial Logit Model To Soybean Farmers In Northern Nigeria Ojiako, I.A. et al. 2009 Journal of Social Sciences, 19(1): 31-39 (2009) Wealth Ranking. Rural Farmers. Economic Variables. Regression. Nigeria, soybean Yes
Determination Of Field Yield Loss And Effect Of Environment On Pod Shattering In Soybean Tukamuhabwa, et al. 2002 African Crop Science Journal, Vol. 10, No. 3, 2002, pp. 203-209 Genotype x, environment interactions, glycine max, susceptible varieties Yes
Determination Of Yield Loss Caused By Rust Phakopsora Pachyrhizi In Four Genotypes Of Soybeans Paper Presented At Paper Presented At: Fifth African Crop Science Conference Proceedings, 21-26 October, Odedara, O., et al. 2001 IITA production, disease No
Development And Sensory Evaluation Of Soyamusa: A Soybean-Plantain Babyfood Ogazi, et al. 2008 ISHS Acta Horticulturae 540, 575-582 utilization, food Yes
Development Of A Low Cost Yoghurt Based Weaning Food For 1-3 Years Old Toddlers Munasinghe, et al. 2013 The Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2013, Vol.8, No.2 extrusion, yoghurt-based, toddler, weaning food Yes
Dissemination of food crops with nutritional benefits: Adoption and disadoption of soybeans in Togo and Benin Wendland, K. J.; Sills, E. O. 2008 Natural resources forum year:2008 vol:32 iss:1 page:39 -52 Benin, nutrition, soybeans, technology adoption, technology disadoption, Togo Yes
Diversity Of Rhizobia Nodulating Phaseolus Vulgaris L In Two Kenyan Soils with Contrasting pHs Anyango, et al. 1995 Applied and Environmental Microbiology (1995) pp. 4016–4021 rhizobia, soil, kenya Yes
Drought Stress Of Cowpea And Soybean Under Tropical Conditions Kang, B. T., et al. 1975 IITA harvest Yes
Dry Matter And Seed Yield Production Of Soybean And Cowpea Under Tropical Conditions Kang, B. T., et al. 1975 IITA production Yes
Dual Purpose Soybean Lines For The Guinea Savanna Zone Of Nigeria Ayanaba, A., et al. 1982 IITA varieties Yes
Dynamics Of Soybean Rust Epidemics In Sequential Plantings Of Soybean Cultivars In Nigeria Twizeyimana, et al. 2011 Plant Disease, Vol. 95 No.1 rust, epidemics, production, nigeria Yes
Dynamics Of The Population Sizes Of Cowpea And Soybean Rhizobia At Three Locations In West Africa Mulongoy, K.; Ayanaba, A. 1986 MIRCEN Journal, 1986, 2, 301-308 production, rhizobia, maradi, onne, iita Yes
Economic analysis of soya bean production under Sasakawa global 2000 project in Kaduna state, Nigeria (Thesis) Shalma, H. J. 2014 Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria nigeria, economics, Sasakawa global No