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Chemical Weed Control In Cowpea And Soybean In Southern Nigeria Presented At The 3Rd Columa Symposium On Weed Control In Tropical Crops, Dakar, Senegal Gamble, W., et al. 1978 IITA production No
Chemical Weed Control In Cowpea And Soybean In Southern Nigerian Dugje, et al. 1979 IITA production No
Climate change impacts on crop yield, crop water productivity and food security – A review Kang, Y. et al. 2009 Progress in Natural Science 19 (2009) 1665–1674 Climate change impacts; Crop yield; Food security; Water productivity; Water use efficiency Yes
Climate Change: Links To Global Expansion Of Harmful Cyanobacteria Paerl, H. W.; Paul, V. J. 2012 Water Research 46 (2012) 1349 - 1363 cyanobacteria, Eutrophication, Climate change, Hydrology, Nutrients, Freshwater, Marine, Water quality management Yes
Combating the menace of Striga hermonthica infestation: An integrated approach adopted in North-Eastern Ghana Abdulai, et al. 2006 Journal of Agronomy, 5 (4): 617-620 Maize, Striga, tolerant, resistant, cropping system Yes
Comparative effectiveness of cattle manure, poultry manure, phosphocompost and fertilizer-NPK on three cropping systems in vertisols of semi-arid tropics. I. Crop yields and system performance Ghosh et al. 2004 Bioresource Technology 95 (2004) 77–83 Cattle manure; Poultry manure, Phosphocompost, yield, cropping systems, Vertisols Yes
Comparative effectiveness of cattle manure, poultry manure, phosphocompost and fertilizer-NPK on three cropping systems in vertisols of semi-arid tropics. II. Dry matter yield, nodulation, chlorophyll content and enzyme activity Ghosh et al. 2004 Bioresource Technology 95 (2004) 85–93 Cattle manure, Poultry manure, Phosphocompost, nodulation, cropping systems, Enzyme activity, Chlorophyll, Vertisols Yes
Comparative Losses Of Glyphosate And Selected Residual Herbicides In Surface Runoff From Conservation-Tilled Watersheds Planted With Corn Or Soybean United Soybean Board 2010 United Soybean Board production Yes
Comparison Of Field Screening Methods To Evaluate Soybean Cultivars For Resitance To Frogeye Leaf Spot Thenkabail, P., et al. 1993 IITA production Yes
Comparison of Field, Greenhouse, and Detached-Leaf Evaluations of Soybean Germplasm for Resistance to Phakopsora pachyrhizi Twizeyimana, et al. 2007 Plant Disease (2007) 91:1161-1169 disease resistance Yes
Comparison Of Nematicidal Potential Of Vemonia And Carbofuran On The Growth And Yield Of Root-Knot Nematode Infested Soybeans Carsky, R., et al. 1997 IITA yield Yes
Compatibility of Millet and Legume under Relay Cropping Condition Yirzagla, et al. 2013 Agriculture and Healthcare, Vol.3, No.15, 2013 double cropping, millet, legumes, compatible combination, savannah zones Yes
Conservation agriculture in Zambia: a case study of Southern Province Baudron, et al. 2007 African Conservation Tillage Network (ACT) zambia, conservation agriculture, tillage Yes
Constraints In Using Seed Leachate Characteristics To Estimate Seed Vigor For Varietal Seed Keeping Quality Comparisons In Soybeans Ogunyemi, L. T., et al. 1981 IITA production Yes
Consumer Acceptability Of Home Processed Soybean Based Foods: A Focus On Northern Mozambique Ojiako, I. A., et al. 2009 IITA utilization Yes
Controlling Harmful Cyanobacterial Blooms In A Hyper-Eutrophic Lake (Lake Taihu, China): The Need For A Dual Nutrient (N&P) Management Strategy Pearl, et al. 2011 Water Research 45 (2011) 1973 - 1983 Eutrophication, nitrogen, Phosphorus, cyanobacteria, China, Nutrient management Yes
Couplings Between Changes In The Climate System And Biogeochemistry Denman, et al. 2007 Contribution of Working Group I to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Climate change, biogeochemistry, planet Yes
Cowpea farming in Ghana TLII 2012 Bulletin of Tropical Legumes tropical legumes, cowpea farming, ghana No
Cowpea Supply And Demand In West And Central Africa Langyintuo, et al. 2003 Field Crops Research 82 (2003) 215–231 Supply; Demand; Consumer preferences; Grain characteristics; Hedonic price model Yes
Crowd-Sourced Lessons About Scaling Seed Systems APXC 2014 APXC seed system, demand, credit access No