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Baseline Assessment Of Cowpea Breeding And Seed Delivery Efforts To Enhance Poverty Impacts In Sub-Saharan Africa Abdoulaye, et al. 2009 ICRISAT utilization, household impact, cowpea, sub-Saharan Africa No
Baseline Progress Report On Soybean In Kenya Chianu., et al. 2009 ICRISAT utilization, household impact, kenya, cowpea, breeding No
Baseline Progress Report On Soybean In Tanzania Jonas, C., et al. 2008 ICRISAT utilization, household impact No
Benefits Of Crop Rotation With Soybean And Cowpea In Savanna Cereal Based Systems Sanginga, N., et al. 1997 IITA production, soil Yes
Biological Approach For The Management Of Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation Constraints Posed By Meloidogyne Incognita On Soybean Ogoke, I., et al. 2003 IITA production Yes
Biological Nitrogen Fixation And Socioeconomic Factors For Legume Production In Sub-Saharan Africa Mutegi, et al. 2013 IPNI nitrogen fixation, africa Yes
Biological Nitrogen Fixation Potential By Soybeans In Two Low-P Soils Of Southern Cameroon Jemo, et al. 2010 Nutr Cycl Agroecosyst (2010) 88:49–58 biological nitrogen fixation (BNF), P-uptake, soybean Yes
Boosting Soybean Production For Improved Food Security And Incomes In Africa Mutegi, J.; Zingore, S. IPNI sub-Saharan Africa, Rwanda, planting, yield, soil No
Bradyrhizobium Spp (Tgx) Isolates Nodulating The New Soybean Cultivars In Africa Ronner, et al. 2009 INRA nitrogen fixation, legume production No
Breeding For Promiscuous Soybeans At IITA Tefera, H. 2010 IITA production, pests, promiscuous soybeans, malawi No
Breeding For Rust Resistance In Soybean At The International Institute Of Tropical Agriculture, Nigeria Chikoye, D., et al. 2004 IITA production No
Breeding Progress For Grain Yield And Associated Traits In Medium And Late Maturing Promiscuous Soybeans In Nigeria Tefera, et al. 2010 Euphytica (2010) 175:251–260 Fodder yield Genetic gain Grain yield Nigeria Promiscuous soybeans Savanna zones Yes
Breeding Soybeans For The Tropics Capable Of Nodulating Effectively With Indigenous Rhizobium Spp Kueneman, et al. 1984 Plant and Soil 82, 387-396 (1984) breeding, glycine max, nodulation, rhizobium spp, soybean Yes
Breeding Tropical Soybeans For Superior Seed Longevity And For Nodulation With Indigenous Rhizobia Dashiell, K., et al. 1983 IITA production Yes
Bulletin Of Tropical Legumes 01-03 ICRISAT 2011 ICRISAT improved varieties, release, tropical legumes, malawi No
Bulletin Of Tropical Legumes 01-2015 ICRISAT 2015 ICRISAT tropical legumes, seed system, improved varieties No
Bulletin of Tropical Legumes 04 ICRISAT 2011 ICRISAT production, tropical legumes, seed, varieties, success factors No
Bulletin Of Tropical Legumes 05 ICRISAT 2011 ICRISAT variety releases, tropical legumes, seed system, capacity building No
Bulletin of Tropical Legumes 06 ICRISAT 2011 ICRISAT harvest, challenges, mozambique, new release No
Bulletin of Tropical Legumes 07 ICRISAT 2011 ICRISAT tropical legumes, technology, women participation No