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Titlesort ascending Author(s) Publication Year Source Keywords Peer Review
Zimbabwe Seed Index Brief TASAI 2015 TASAI seed systems, Seed Access Index, Zimbabwe No
Yield response of soybean genotypes to different planting dates in Mozambique Dias, D.; Amane, M. 2011 African Crop Science Conference Proceedings, Vol. 10. pp. 539 - 541 Day length, glycine max, moisture stress, mozambique Yes
Yield Losses In Soybeans From Frogeye Leaf Spot Caused By Cercospora Sojina Dashiell, et al. 1991 Crop Protection, Vol. 10, Issue 6, pp.465-468 Yield losses; resistance; frogeye leaf spot; soybean cultivars Yes
Yield and Economic Performance of Organic and Conventional Cotton-Based Farming Systems – Results from a Field Trial in India Forster, et al. 2013 PLoS ONE 8(12): e81039 yield, economics, organic soybena, farming systems, india Yes
World Food And Agriculture: Outlook For The Medium And Longer Term Alexandratos, Nikos 1999 Proceedings of the Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 96, pp. 5908–5914, May 1999, Colloquium Paper World food and agriculture, FAO Yes
West And Central Africa: Nigeria Sets Example For Expansion Of Soybeans Root, et al. 1987 IITA production, pests Yes
Weed Control In Soybeans In The Tropics Akobundu, et al. 1987 Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture (1987) pp.69-77 production, Weed control Yes
Water uptake of soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) during exposure to O2 deficiency and field level CO2 concentration in the root zone Araki, H 2006 Field Crops Research 96 (2006) 98–105 Converted field, Root hydraulic conductance, Hypoxia, Soil CO2, Waterlogging Yes
Viscosity And In Vitro Starch Digestibility Of Extruded And Conventionally Cooked Cassava/Soybean Porridges Singh, A., et al. 2002 IITA utilization Yes
Viruses Infecting Soybean (Glycine Max L Merill) In Nigeria Time, et al. 2010 APS Annual Meeting 2010 production, disease, nigeria, virus Yes
Virus Resistance In Cowpea (Vigna Unguiculata L Walp) And Soybean (Glycine Max L Merr) Akobundu, I., et al. 1987 IITA production, pests Yes
Virus Diseases Of Soybeans In The Tropics And Sub-Tropics Raychaudhuri, S.P., et al. 1991 IITA production No
Variation Of The Population Sizes Ofcowpea And Soybeans Rhizobia At Three Locations In West Africa Ojiako, I. A., et al. 2010 IITA yield Yes
Variation in Trap-Crop Capacity of Soybean Genotypes for the Control of Striga hermonthica Denwar, N. N.; Ofori, K. 2003 International Journal Of Agriculture & Biology 1560–8530/2003/05–4–504–506 Farming system; Seed bank; Soybean genotype; Striga hermonthica; germination Yes
Variation in acid-al tolerance of Bradyrhizobium japonicum strains from African soils Asanuma, S, Ayanaba, A 1989 Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 36:2, 309-317 acidity, African rhizobia, aluminum, Bradyrhizobium japonicum Yes
Variability In Environmental Impacts Of Brazilian Soybean According To Crop Production And Transport Scenarios da Silva et al. 2010 Journal of Environmental Management 91 (2010) 1831-1839 life cycle assessment, soybean, environmental impact, transportation Yes
Value Chain Analyses Of Grain Legumes In N2Africa Rusike, J. et al. 2013 Soil Sci. Assoc. Am. phosphourous, oxisols, soybean No
Utilization Of Phosphorus From Different Sources By Genotypes Of Promiscuous Soybean And Cowpea In A Low-Phosphorus Savanna Soil Nwoke, O. C., et al. 2007 African Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 2 (4), pp. 150-158, April 2007 soybean, cowpea, genotypes, savanna soil, sparingly soluble phosphorus. Yes
Utilization Of Maize Ogi Fermenting Liquor As A Coagulant For Tofu (Soycheese) Making Nwoke, C., et al. 2007 IITA utilization Yes
Utilization of Legumes in the Tropics Olunike, A. A. 2014 Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare, Vol.4, No.12 legumes, tropics, soybean Yes