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Title Author(s)sort descending Publication Year Source Keywords Peer Review
Overview of viruses of legumes other than groundnut in Africa Hughes, et al. 2015 Plant virology in sub-Saharan Africa, pp.553-568 virus, legume, africa, iita Yes
Genotypic Variation Of Soybean For Phosphorus Use Efficiency And Their Contribution Of N And P To Subsequent Maize Crops In Three Ecological Zones Of West Africa Abaidoo, et al. 1985 IITA, 1994-224 varieties, Phosphorus, genetic Yes
Influence Of Elevation And Applied Nitrogen On Rhizosphere Colonization And Competition For Nodule Occupancy Abaidoo, et al. 1990 Canadian Journal of Microbiology VOL. 36, 1990 rhizobial ecology, rhizosphere colonization, interstrain competition, immunofluorescence, legumes Yes
Four Seasons Of Learning And Engaging Smallholder Farmers Abate, T. 2012 ICRISAT production, smallholder, release, seed system No
Baseline Assessment Of Cowpea Breeding And Seed Delivery Efforts To Enhance Poverty Impacts In Sub-Saharan Africa Abdoulaye, et al. 2009 ICRISAT utilization, household impact, cowpea, sub-Saharan Africa No
Combating the menace of Striga hermonthica infestation: An integrated approach adopted in North-Eastern Ghana Abdulai, et al. 2006 Journal of Agronomy, 5 (4): 617-620 Maize, Striga, tolerant, resistant, cropping system Yes
History Of Rhizobia Inoculants Use For Grain Legumes Improvement In Nigeria-The Journey So Far Abdullahi, et al. 2013 N2Africa grain legumes, N-fixation, nitrogen, nodulation, rhizobia inoculants No
Grain Yields Of Rust Resistant Promiscuous Soybean Lines In The Guinea Savanna Of Nigeria Adekunle, A., et al. 2005 IITA production Yes
Impact of improved technologies on small-scale soybean production: Empirical evidence from agrarian communities in Benue State, Nigeria Adisa, R. S., et al. 2013 Pak. J. Agri. Sci., Vol. 50(2), 305-310; 2013 Impact, improved technologies, small-scale farmers, soybean innovation. Yes
Seeds2B Project Update - Malawi Soybean Variety Evaluation Trial African Agricultural Technology Foundation 2016 malawi, breeding, crossing No
The Soybean Agri-Processing Opportunity in Africa African Center for Economic Transformation African Center for Economic Transformation processing, africa No
Effects Of Tillage Method On Growth And Yield Of Cowpea And Soybean Agbede, T., et al. 2009 IITA production, disease No
Enhancing Soybean Productivity And Production In Drought-Prone Areas Agrama, et al. 2005 IITA genetics, germplasm No
Economic Analysis Of Soybean Farming In Northern Nigeria Ajayi, V. A., et al. 1993 IITA yield Yes
Smallholder Soybean Farmers' Supply Response In Northern Nigeria Journal Of Agricultural And Food Economics Ajetomobi, et al. 2010 The African Economic Research Consortium, Research Paper 197 supply, nigeria, modelling, production Yes
Effect Of Planting Date On Severity Of Frogeye Leaf Spot And Grain Yield Of Soybeans Akem, C. N.; Dashiell, K. E. 1994 Crop Protection (1994) Vol 13, No. 8 planting date; Glycine max; Cercospora sojina Yes
Detached Shoot Technique To Evaluate The Reaction Of Soybean Cultivars To Sclerotium Rolfsii Akem, C. N.; Dashiell, K. E. 1991 Crop Protection Vol. 10 August 1991 Southern blight; resistance; screening technique; Sclerotium rolfsii; Glycine max Yes
First Report Of Southern Blight Caused By Sclerotium Rolfsii On Soybeans In Nigeria Akem, C. N.; Dashiell, K. E. 1991 Plant Disease 1991 production, disease, nigeria, iita No
Evaluation Of Soybean Cultivars For Field Resistance To Frogeye Leaf Spot And Bacterial Pustule In Nigeria Akem, C., et al. 1992 IITA production, disease Yes
Sclerotinia Stem Rot Caused By Sclerotinia Sclerotiorum On Soybeans In Nigeria Akem, C., et al. 1992 Plant Disease 1992 production, disease, nigeria Yes