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Assessment Of Postharvest Losses In Soybeans Production In The Builsa District In The Upper East Region And Savelugu District In The Northern Region Of Ghana (Thesis) Atiim, P. 2011 Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology, Kumasi post harvest loss, ghana, production No
Tropical Grain Legumes in Africa and South Asia: Knowledge and Opportunities ICRISAT 2012 ICRISAT production, ICRISAT, iita, tropical grain legumes No
2012 Annual Report; Who/Unicef Joint Monitoring Programme For Water Supply And Sanitation (Jmp) Wander, et al. 2002 Agronomy Journal soil Yes
A Detached Leaf Method To Evaluate Soybean For Resistance To Rust Mo J.Y, et al. 2007 IITA production Yes
A Global High-Resolution Emission Inventory For Ammonia Boouwman, A.F., et al. 2012 Agriculture, Ecosystems, Environment argentina, soil dynamics Yes
A Guatemalan Soycow Cooperative: Is the Whole Greater than the Sum of its Parts Blumthal, M., et al. 2010 IFAMA soycow, guatemala, cooperative Yes
A proposal for the release of new soybean varieties for irrigated and rainfed farming in Sudan Ibrahim et al. 2012 soybean varieties, irrigated and rainfed soybean farming, soybean in Sudan No
A proposal for the release of new soybean varieties in Sudan Ibrahim 2011 sudan, breeding No
A Review Of The Major Diseases Of Soybean And Cowpea With Special Reference To Geographical Distribution; Means Of Dissemination And Control Singh, B., et al. 2014 IITA production, groundnut No
A Safe Operating Space For Humanity Rockstrom, et al. 2009 Operating Space for Humanity environment, atmosphere Yes
A Test Of A Field-Based N-15-Nitrous Oxide Pool Dilution Technique To Measure Gross N2O Production In Soil Yang, et al. 2011 Global Change Biology (2011) 17, 3577-3588 denitrification, N2O yield, nitrous oxide, pool dilution, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Yes
Ability Of Excised Root And Stem Pieces Of Maize, Cowpea, And Soybean To Cause Germination Of Striga Hermonthica Seeds Emechebe, A.M., et al. 1994 IITA harvest Yes
Adaption of Soybean in Tropical Environments: A Review Miranda, C., et al. 2015 University of Missouri soy adaptation Yes
Adoption of soybean in sub-Saharan Africa: A comparative analysis of production and utilization in Zaire and Nigeria Shannon, D. A.; Kalala, M. M. 1994 Agricultural Systems 46 (1994) 369-384 production, utilization, sub-Saharan Africa, nigeria, Zaire Yes
Advances In Soybean Research, Production, And Utilization In Nigeria Jackai, L., et al. 1990 IITA production, disease No
Africa Research In Sustainable Intensification For The Next Generation Chikowo 2004 International Institute of Tropical Agriculture yield, improved technologies, malawi No
African Agriculture In 50 Years: Smallholders In A Rapidly Changing World? Collier, P.; Dercon, S. 2013 Center on Food Security and the Environment africa, smallholder Yes
Africare’s Experience with VitaCow and VitaGoat Food Processing Systems Harrigan, B., et al. 2008 USAID vitagoat, vitacow Yes
Agriculture In Ghana Zerbe, et al. 2001 Taylor & Francis southern africa, political economy No
Agronomic Response Of Soybean Varieties To Plant Population In The Guinea Savannas Of Nigeria Kamara, et al. 2014 Agronomy Journal, Vol 106 (3), 2014 varieties, nigeria, plant population Yes