Dr. Stephen K. Boahen: Smallholder soybean farming in Mozambique

What is the status of smallholder soybean production in Mozambique?

Dr. Stephen K. Boahen, a Legume System Agronomist at The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)-Mozambique, addresses this question with a focus on a number of critical aspects such as the keys to achieving high yields, the main varieties recommended for the agro-ecological areas of Mozambique, and constraints to improved seed distribution.


1) "Raising the yield bar through better soybean agronomy"

2) "Boosting soybean yields in Mozambique through rhizobium inoculation"

3) "Growth and Yield Responses of Two Soybean Cultivars to Inoculation, P and N Fertilization in Northern Mozambique"


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