Dr. Nicholas N. Denwar: SARI-Ghana's soybean breeding program

The Savanna Agricultural Research Institute (CSIR-SARI) is a key partner of the Soybean Innovation Lab in Ghana.

Dr. Nicholas N. Denwar, a Senior Research Scientist (Genetics & Plant Breeding), describes CSIR-SARI’s soybean breeding program, emphasizes some of the most promising soybean lines in Ghana and their characteristics, and provides some advice to other breeders in Africa.


1) “Variation in Trap-Crop Capacity of Soybean Genotypes for the Control of Striga hermonthica”

2) “Yield loss at the different growth stages in soybean due to insect pests in Ghana”

3) “Compatibility of Millet and Legume under Relay Cropping Condition”


Expert Pods are interviews with soybean experts consisting of 3 components, just like the three pods of a soybean:  3 Questions, 3 Answers and 3 Resources.

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