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Title Author(s) Publication Year Source Keywords Peer Reviewsort descending
Exchangeable cations and available phosphorus in soils with variable charge after application of special liming materials Jessica Alves dos Santos, Adriel Ferreira da Fonseca, Domenico Zocco and Igor Vieira 2016 African Journal of Agricultural Research acid soils, liming, Phosphorus, africa, acidic soils
Bulletin Of Tropical Legumes 18: Tropical legume farming in Mozambique ICRISAT 2013 ICRISAT production, tropical legumes, mozambique, cowpea No
Effects Of Fertilizer Use On Cowpea And Soybean Nodulation And Nitrogen Fixation In The Lowland Tropics In Ayanaba And Dart Wien, H. C., et al. 1975 IITA production No
Four Seasons Of Learning And Engaging Smallholder Farmers Abate, T. 2012 ICRISAT production, smallholder, release, seed system No
Determination Of Yield Loss Caused By Rust Phakopsora Pachyrhizi In Four Genotypes Of Soybeans Paper Presented At Paper Presented At: Fifth African Crop Science Conference Proceedings, 21-26 October, Odedara, O., et al. 2001 IITA production, disease No
Tropical Grain Legumes in Africa and South Asia: Knowledge and Opportunities ICRISAT 2012 ICRISAT production, ICRISAT, iita, tropical grain legumes No
Interaction Of Fertilizer Use On Cowpea ( Vigna Unguiculata (L) Walp) And Soybean (Glycine Max (L) Merill) Nodulation And Nitrogen Fixation In The Lowland Tropics Ikeogu, U., et al. 1975 IITA production No
Evaluation Of Cowpeas, Soybeans, And Herbaceous Legumes For Seedborne Viruses Kormawa, P., et al. 2001 IITA production No
Southern Africa Soy Roadmap – Zambia value chain analysis TechnoServe 2011 zambia, value chain, production, smallholder No
Groundnut And Soybean Economies In Asia: Facts, Trends and Outlook Birthal,, et al. 2010 ICRISAT production, asia, groundnut, economy No
Some Factors Affecting Soybean Viability And Emergence In The Lowland Tropics Williams, R. J., et al. 1974 IITA production, disease No
Southern Africa Soybean Value Chain Opperman, et al. 2011 value chain, south africa, demand, production No
Situation And Outlook For Cowpea And Soybean In Sub-Saharan Africa Coulibaly, et al. 2009 ICRISAT production, distribution, cowpea, sub-Saharan Africa, utilization No
A Review Of The Major Diseases Of Soybean And Cowpea With Special Reference To Geographical Distribution; Means Of Dissemination And Control Singh, B., et al. 2014 IITA production, groundnut No
South Africa Soyabean market value chain Departments of Agriculture, forestry and fisheries 2011 No
Annual Progress Report- 2008-Enhancing Grain Legumes’ Productivity, And Production And The Incomes Of Poor Farmers In Drought-Prone Areas Of Sub-Saharan Africa And South Asia Sentimela, P., et al. 2004 ICRISAT production No
Effects Of Tillage Method On Growth And Yield Of Cowpea And Soybean Agbede, T., et al. 2009 IITA production, disease No
A proposal for the release of new soybean varieties for irrigated and rainfed farming in Sudan Ibrahim et al. 2012 soybean varieties, irrigated and rainfed soybean farming, soybean in Sudan No
The South African Soybean Value Chain National Agricultural Marketing Council 2011 south africa, value chain No
The Soybean Agri-Processing Opportunity in Africa African Center for Economic Transformation African Center for Economic Transformation processing, africa No