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Title Author(s) Publication Year Source Keywords Peer Reviewsort descending
Exchangeable cations and available phosphorus in soils with variable charge after application of special liming materials Jessica Alves dos Santos, Adriel Ferreira da Fonseca, Domenico Zocco and Igor Vieira 2016 African Journal of Agricultural Research acid soils, liming, Phosphorus, africa, acidic soils
Opportunities For Strengthening The Legume Seed System In Malawi USAID 1985 USAID seed program, guinea bissau No
Soybean Situation and Outlook Analysis: The Case Of Kenya Chianu., et al. 2009 ICRISAT kenya, production, trade, utilization No
Malawi Tropical Legumes Improvement – II Project Kananji, G. A. D. 2013 malawi, breeding No
Africa Research In Sustainable Intensification For The Next Generation Chikowo 2004 International Institute of Tropical Agriculture yield, improved technologies, malawi No
Review Of Seed Program, Seed Testing Laboratory And Seed Pathology Laboratory For Guiinea Bissau Bergau, et al. 2013 Verdeca/GDM stress tolerant soybean No
Soybean Improvement At The International Institute Of Tropical Agriculture Jones, J. W., et al. 1991 IITA production No
Bulletin of Tropical Legumes 11 ICRISAT 2011 ICRISAT groundnut, bangladesh, tropical legumes No
May 2014 Report on SARI-Ghana visit Denwar, N. 2014 SARI sari, ghana, breeding No
Determinants of Agricultural Technology Adoption in Mozambique Uaiene, R. N. 2009 International Food Policy Research Institute technology adoption, agriculture, panel data, mozambique No
Bulletin of Tropical Legumes 09 ICRISAT 2011 ICRISAT tanzania, production, tropical legumes, trade, pigeonpea No
SARI Report January 2015 Denwar, N. 2015 sari, ghana, breeding No
Malawi FY 2011–2015 Multi-Year Strategy U.S. Government 2011 U.S. Government strategy, malawi, feed the future No
Analysis Of The Soya Bean Value Chain In Zambia’S Eastern Province Lubungu, et al. 2013 Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute production, value chain, zambia No
Bulletin of Tropical Legumes 07 ICRISAT 2011 ICRISAT tropical legumes, technology, women participation No
IITA Mozambique Summary Table for Low-Processing Boahen, S. K. 2014 mozambique, iita, breeding No
Performance Of Determinate And Indeterminate Soybean Genotypes In Mozambique Dashiell, K., et al. 2001 IITA varieties No
Rust resistant varieties of soyabean bread by Seed Co in Zimbabwe Giller and Dashiell 2010 soyabean bread; rust resistance; Zimbabwe; SeedCo; N2Africa No
Bulletin Of Tropical Legumes 18: Tropical legume farming in Mozambique ICRISAT 2013 ICRISAT production, tropical legumes, mozambique, cowpea No
Bulletin of Tropical Legumes 06 ICRISAT 2011 ICRISAT harvest, challenges, mozambique, new release No