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Title Author(s) Publication Year Keywords Peer Review
SARI Progress Report dated July 2014 Denwar, N. 2014 soil, texture, sari, ghana No
Southern Africa Soy Roadmap – Zambia value chain analysis TechnoServe 2011 zambia, value chain, production, smallholder No
Southern Africa Soybean Value Chain Opperman, et al. 2011 value chain, south africa, demand, production No
South Africa Soyabean market value chain Departments of Agriculture, forestry and fisheries 2011 No
A proposal for the release of new soybean varieties for irrigated and rainfed farming in Sudan Ibrahim et al. 2012 soybean varieties, irrigated and rainfed soybean farming, soybean in Sudan No
The South African Soybean Value Chain National Agricultural Marketing Council 2011 south africa, value chain No
Opportunities for N2Africa in Tanzania Ronner et al. 2012 legumes in Tanzania, soybean, N2Africa in Tanzania No
CSIR-SARI Ghana 2016 first technical SIL report N. Denwar 2016 ghana, breeding, technical report No
Progress Towards Achieving the Vision of Success of N2Africa Woomer et al. 2012 N2Africa's vision, grain legumes yields, biological nitrogen fixation, income-generating crop production enterprises No
JARC Ethiopia SIL Progress report dated March 2016 Tesfaye, A. 2016 breeding, ethipia, line No
Quantifying the impact of the N2Africa project on Biological Nitrogen Fixation Ronner and Franke 2012 nitrogen fixation, N2Africa, Other non-N benefits of legumes No
Seeds2B Project Update - Malawi Soybean Variety Evaluation Trial African Agricultural Technology Foundation 2016 malawi, breeding, crossing No
Selected soybean, common bean, cowpea and groundnut varieties with proven high BNF potential and sufficient seed availability in target impact zones of N2Africa Project Baijukya et al. 2010 soybean, legume varieties by country, adaptive research and dissemination campaigns No
A proposal for the release of new soybean varieties in Sudan Ibrahim 2011 sudan, breeding No
IITA-Soybean varieties release Zambia-Malawi IITA 2015 iita, varieties, release, zambia, malawi No
Agronomic studies on irrigated soybeans in central Sudan Ibrahim, S. E. 2012 breeding, sudan No
Final Project Report: October 2009 – September 2014 Boahen, S. K. 2014 final report, iita, mozambique, breeding No
Soybean in field studies in Kano - Nigeria IITA 2010 nigeria, iita, breeding No
Rust resistant varieties of soyabean bread by Seed Co in Zimbabwe Giller and Dashiell 2010 soyabean bread; rust resistance; Zimbabwe; SeedCo; N2Africa No